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Our Editorial Mission

Invoice Finance News wants to provide up-to-date information about all the aspects of invoice finance for companies that are thinking of using invoice finance as an additional financing tool for funding their company’s working capital. It is designed as a comprehensive informational repository about invoice finance and covers such key area topics as factoring, supply chain finance, fintechs, securitisation, legal compliance, credit insurance, credit rating and ESG. 

We appreciate that it is a difficult process for company executives to sift through all the options involved in invoice finance. We provide a plethora of information covering all aspects of this process so that companies and its officers can make informed and smart decisions that will positively impact their company’s bottom line. We also cover breaking news regarding the whole world of the invoice finance stakeholders so you are always up-to-date with the latest news, including looking at the latest fintech developments in the invoice finance realm.

The team for Invoice Finance News has a wealth of experience in the fields of invoice finance and fintech.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor: Nick Chiara

Deputy Chief Editor: John Goodden

Contributor: Alex Marchesini (Hi-Tech and Fintech)

Contributor: Yulia Murat (Compliance and AML)

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